Sitemap - 2022 - Lucid

A Year That Drew At Least Three Clear Lines. A Guest Post by Bill Emmott, former chief editor of the Economist

Q&A is Sunday 8-9pmET; George Santos as Outcome of Trump Remaking GOP in His Own image

Shutting Down Putin's War is Essential for Global Security in 2023

Video Christmas Message; What it Means to Be a Refugee

Cassidy Hutchinson's Testimony: A Primer in Authoritarian Corruption

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"We've Lost the Line!" The Trauma of Jan. 6

Preparing for the Final Jan. 6 Hearing

Reg. Info Today's Q&A, 1-2pmET, w/Brynn Tannehill

Coups Make a Comeback as GOP Elites Declare "Total War" on US Democracy

Reg. Info Q&A Today, Dec 9, 1-2pmET

What Is Fascism?

"Kanye. Elon. Trump." Hate Speech is Protected Speech for Republican Extremists

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What China Tells Us About the Dynamics of Nonviolent Protest

Trying Again: New Link for Tonight 8-9pmET

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Thanksgiving Reflections: Searching for Common Ground

"Neutrality is an Abdication of Duty": The Media and our Democratic Crisis

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Unify and Stand For Something! Lessons from Center-Left Defeats in Hungary, Israel, and Italy

Reg. Info Q&A Nov 13, 8-9pmET

More midterms takeaways/Q&A Sunday 8-9pmET

Instead of a Red Wave, The Midterms Produced a Wave of Historic Firsts in American Politics

In Brazil, Protecting Free and Fair Elections Brings New Chance for Democracy

Reg. Info Q&A Tonight, Nov 6, 8-9pmET

My Video on Political Violence/Reg. for Today's Q&A

Correction to Essay and NYT Recs Strongmen

Voting as an Act of Faith and Civic Ritual/How Trump's emotional retraining of Americans prepared Jan. 6 and our current climate

Political Violence against Pelosi, and My Exchange with Elon Musk, New Owner of Twitter

Italy, the Next Frontier of Authoritarian Family Policies?

Xi Jinping's Personality Cult Expands to Cover Up China's Failures

Essay on Xi Jinping's Cult Tomorrow; Greetings from Munich

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"Election Denial" Does Not Capture the GOP's Corruption and Violence. Let's Find a Better Term

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Oath Keepers and the GOP

To Make Fascism Great Again, Cleanse it of Associations with Jewish Genocide

Putin's "Anti-Colonial" Imperialism Lines Up With Authoritarian History

When Strongmen Get Desperate: Putin Declares War on the West

Reg. Info Today's Q&A 1-2pmET

How Putin's Debacle in Ukraine Echoes Other Ruinous Autocrat-Military Alliances

Reg. Info Q&A Tonight, 8-9pmET

Iran protests, Trump the cult leader, Italy on the verge of putting a neo-Fascist in power

Reg. Info Today's Q&A & Atlantic Piece on Possible Election of a neo-Fascist in Italy

Putin's War on Ukraine Reveals the Dysfunctions of Authoritarian Rule

Q&A for Founding Members, Sept. 25, 8-9pmET

Queen Elizabeth's Passing and the Difficult Legacies of British Empire.

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9/11 as Shock Event: The Path to Illiberal Politics

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Chile's Constitution, Defeated at the Polls, Charted an Anti-Authoritarian Future

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What Should a Leader Sound Like?

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Always the Victim: A Century of Strongman Scams

The "New Era" of Russia and China: Unrestrained Imperialism For Both Parties is the Premise

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For Strongmen like Trump, Everything is for Sale and Everyone has a Price

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Trump's Hitler Fantasies Remind Us of the Destruction that Comes when Militaries Serve Autocrats

Orban: The Strongman Made in America and Hungary

Log-in Tonight's Q&A, 8-9pmET. Journalist Nina Burleigh is our guest

Log-in Today's Q&A 1-2pmET

The Brute and the Bureaucrat: Donald Trump and Mike Pence

Video essay about the GOP in transition

Log-in Today's Q&A, 7/29, 1-2pmET

Should Donald Trump Be Prosecuted?

Strongmen See the End of Their Power as an Existential Threat, and Act Accordingly

When Illiberal Forces are on the Rise, Libraries and Librarians Become Targets

The Danger of State GOP Resolutions that No Longer Recognize President Biden as a Legitimate Head of State

Reg. Info Today's Q&A, July 15, 1-2pmET

How Trump's Methodical Cultivation of Violence in his Followers Contributed to Jan. 6

How Trump's Cultivation of Violence Contributed to Jan. 6

Reg. Info Q&A Tonight, July 10, 8-9pmET

Reg Info Q&A Today, July 8, 1-2pmET

It's Time to Rethink Patriotism and Reclaim it from the Far Right

Supreme Court Curbs EPA Power: Taking Rights Away and Plundering the Environment Go Together

Heeding the Warning Signs of Creeping Authoritarianism

Reg. Info for Q&A Today, June 24, 1-2pmET

The Big Lie: One of the Most Successful Propaganda Operations in US History

This Father's Day, A Call for an Anti-Authoritarian Model of Fatherhood

Reg. Link Today's Q&A, 1-2pmET, w Jen Taub, legal scholar and corruption expert, as special guest

What the History of Coups Reveals about Jan. 6

Video: Thoughts about the Jan. 6 hearing

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Preparing for the Jan. 6 Hearings

Pope Francis's Caution in Publicly Condemning Putin Continues a Vatican Tradition

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Ron DeSantis Sends an Authoritarian Message: Submit To Me Or Else

Reg. Info Q&A Today, June 3, 1-2pmET

When polarization shifts into survivalist mode, democracy is in danger

Reg. info Q&A Today, 5/27, 1-2pmET

Mass Shootings/Lucid Q&A May 27

Hope: The Secret Weapon of Democracy Protection

Registration Q&A Today, 5/20, 1-2pmET

The Racist Demagoguery of Tucker Carlson and Trump has a Fascist Lineage

GOP-Orban Love Affair/Q&A May 20 1-2pmET

The Return of the Marcos Family to Power Imperils Democracy in the Philippines

Rome Diary, No Q&A Today

Gideon Rachman on Pathologies of Strongman Rule

"Mussolini Did Great Things for Italy. He Only Harmed Subversives and Jews."

Reg. Info Today's Q&A, May 6, 1-2pmET

"I'm going to kill all of you. But I'm also probably going to die tomorrow." Vicente Rafael on Duterte and authoritarian nihilism

In 2017 and 2020, Nonviolent Protests Influenced Elections. They are a Powerful Tool When Our Rights are Threatened

Reg. Info Q&A Tonight, 5/1, 8-9pmET

Reg. Info Q&A Today, 4/29, 1-2pmET

How To Stop Mass Shooters? A Conversation with Mark Follman

Marine Le Pen: A Next-Wave Authoritarian Selling Hate With a Feminine Touch

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Supriya Gandhi on Modi and Hindu Nationalism

Putin's May 9 Speech: In a Regime Founded on the Manipulation of Belief, the Appearance of Victory is What Matters

Reg. Info Q&A, Today, 4/15, 1-2pmET. Special Guest: Jared Yates Sexton

The Old Order Is Failing, But Only Authoritarians Are Putting Forth An Alternative: Jared Yates Sexton

One Year of Lucid: Tracking Authoritarianism, Democratic Decline, and Resistance

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Will We Ever Know the Full Truth about Jan. 6? A Conversation with Hugo Lowell, Guardian reporter covering the Jan. 6 investigation.

From Budapest to Boca Raton, Illiberal Politicians Target LGBTQ Populations

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Erica Chenoweth & Zoe Marks: Women Power Civil Resistance Movements, Including in Ukraine.

The Destructive Strongman Dynamics Behind Putin's War on Ukraine

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Q&A Time Change: March 27, 7-8pmET

Lucid Feedback/Q&A Mar 27, 8-9pmET

Tinatin Japaridze on Stalin's legacies: "We were told that everything we had learned was not true"

Speaking Directly to Russians, Schwarzenegger Disrupts Putin's Disinformation Machine

Is Putin Crazy? What Is Motivating Him and How Far Will He Go?

Registration Link Q&A Today, March 18, 1-2pmET

Ai-jen Poo, Domestic Worker and Womens' Advocate: Hope and Care are Vital to the Health of Democracies

Ron DeSantis is turning Florida into his own mini-autocracy

Registration Info Q&A Today, 3/11, 1-2pmET

Dr. Manuel Carballo On The Physical and Psychosocial Challenges Refugees Face

The Ukrainian Refugee Crisis Reminds Us of Authoritarianism's Devastating Impact

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Paul Massaro: Sanctions and Anti-Corruption Measures Defend Democracies and Weaken Dictators

Putin Miscalculated, But Entrenched Kleptocracy May Delay Regime Change

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Putin's War on Ukraine: A Game-Changer for the Cause of Democracy?

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Juliette Kayyem On How to Deal With Extremists

The Propaganda Points That Parallel Russia's Military Mobilization around Ukraine

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Extremism Expert Stephanie Carvin on the Convoys and How To Respond to Them

The Convoy Is Coming For Our Democracy

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Badiucao: Speaking Out Through Art Against Censorship and Oppression

This Spring, Autocracy is on the Global Ballot

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War Reporter and Author Janine di Giovanni on the Scourge of Extremism

Pardon Me: From Il Duce to Trump, Authoritarians Use Pardons to Increase Their Power

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Rep. Eric Swalwell: Countering Republicans' "Rule or Ruin" Mindset

Lock Them Up: Jailing Investigators is an Authoritarian Specialty

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Michael Edison Hayden on Far-Right Extremists and Cryptocurrency

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Is America Primed for Civil War? A Conversation with Barbara Walter

Tucker Carlson, Propagandist and Authoritarian Enforcer

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Malcolm Nance: Welcome to the American Insurgency

We're Living Through a Right-Wing Counterrevolution. Here's Where Jan. 6 Fits In