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What Should We Call Jan. 6?

Jelani Cobb on Democracy, Race, and Protest in America

Home For the Holidays, But Not by Choice

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Diane Coyle on Brexit and Economics at a Time of Climate Change and Inequality

When Coup Planning Becomes Public

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Eric Liu: Repair Our Civic Culture To Turn Back Authoritarianism and Lessen Civil Strife

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Resiliency and Hope: Lessons from Life in Exile

Correction: Live Q&A is Dec 7, Tuesday, 8-9pmET

Meditation on Clarity and Healing/Live Q&A for Paying Subscribers, Dec. 9, 8-9pmET

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David Pepper on US Statehouses as Laboratories of Autocracy.

Stay and Resist, or Go into Exile?

Today's Disrupted Zoom Call

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Thank You For Your Support and Wisdom

Maria Cardona on Latino voters and Democratic Strategy

The GOP Wants to Destroy Politics as We Know It. Violence and Lies Will Fill the Vacuum

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Vaccine Scientist Peter Hotez On Anti-Science Aggression

Waiting for the Apocalypse: The Unnerving New Normal

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"If you want to be the leader of the free world, you have to have to clean up your own household." Takashi Oshima on US politics

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Is Fascism Back? Is Trump a Fascist?

How Do You Convince People to Accept Authoritarianism? (and a note about Nov. 9 live Q&A, 8-9pmET)

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Casey Michel on American Kleptocracy

Religion and Authoritarianism: A Match Made in Heaven

Q4 Forecasts: Monitoring Threats to Democracy

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Anthony Scaramucci: Re-Establish Civic Virtue to Protect Democracy

The MAGA Hat and the Gun: A Joyous Future Realized Through Violence

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Brian Klaas: Prioritize the Battle for US Democracy Because the Window to Fix This is Closing

Bannon Wants to Destroy Our Democracy. He Must Be Prosecuted

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Amanda Litman Wants You to Run for Something

Playtime: Keeping It Together When Things Fall Apart

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When Complacency Becomes Complicity: A Conversation with Sarah Kendzior

Strongmen: Excerpts from the New Epilogue to the Paperback Edition, Publishing Today!

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Anthea Butler on White Evangelical Racism

In Budapest, Mike Pence Sells American Autocracy

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Alexander Stein on the Psychology of Fraudsters and Power Abusers

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Making the World Safe for Plunder

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Q&As: 9/17 1-2pmET & 9/21 8-9pmET

Rachel Bitecofer: Creating a "War Machine" to Protect Democracy

Biden as an Authoritarian: A Phony Talking Point

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Asha Rangappa on Recognizing Threats and Keeping our Spirits Up

9/11 as Shock Event: The Path to Illiberal Politics

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Never Forget What Hate Can Do: Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Musician and Poet

Jews as Tricksters and Spreaders of Disease: Antisemitism's New Wave

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Fred Wellman: "The Apolitical Military is the Cornerstone of our Democracy"

When the Right Turns the Military into an Authoritarian Tool

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Shannon Watts: "Women Are the Secret Sauce of Activism"

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Gun Violence Robs Us Of Our Humanity --And Primes Us For Authoritarianism

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Public Health and Authoritarianism. Dr. Alfredo Morabia

Fascist Biopolitics: 'Empty Cribs' and Full Prisons

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Interview: Brooke Harrington on buying impunity

Tucker Carlson & Viktor Orbán Plan Our Fascist Future

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Lucid Interview: Cornell William Brooks

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Authoritarian Cults: Disengagement, Denial, and Saving Face

Monitoring Threats to Democracy, Q3 2021

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Lucid Interview: Amanda Montell and the Language of Cults

Love-Bombs and Buzzwords: How Authoritarian Cults Work

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Lucid Interview: BBC Disinformation Reporter Marianna Spring

When the Leader Leaves Office, but the Leader Cult Lives On

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Lucid Interview: Ali Dinçer, Turkish Diplomat in Exile

Let's Celebrate America as a Multiracial Democracy

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Lucid Interview: Tim Weiner

Culture of Threat: Monitoring the GOP's Normalization of Violence

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Lucid Interview: Tara Setmayer

Putin Attacks Democracy to Cover Up the Costs of Autocracy

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Peter Pomerantsev on Kremlin Information Warfare

Putin and Berlusconi: A Strongman Love Story

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Lucid Interview: Maaza Mengiste

When Harlem and Little Italy Clashed over Ethiopia

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Lucid Interview: Tom Coleman

Liberal Democracy Is Losing the Image Wars

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The Political and Other Costs of Loneliness. An Interview with Noreena Hertz

When Exiles Become Targets

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Lucid Interview: Dean Haycock

Think Like a Dictator

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Lucid Interview: Jay Rosen

How to Push Back Against Propaganda

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Lucid Interview: Peter Baker

Why Do People Believe Liars?

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Lucid Interview: Mary L. Trump

Crowds and Power

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Lucid Interview: Jim Acosta

One Nation, Two Political Realities

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Lucid Interview: Malcolm Nance

Shock Events and Coup Attempts

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Lucid Interview: Robin Bell

In Resistance, Messages of Hope and Solidarity

Lucid Interview: William Browder & Live Chat Info

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"Drain the Swamp"

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