Thank you for sharing those thoughts on QE2 and also about the mostly former British empire. Indeed America has/had an empire of its own, mostly through our many wars. Lots to think about.

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Before the Queen died, I checked out Tina Brown's book, The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor--the truth and the turmoil. New Yorkers know Tina Brown as the former editor of The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, and before that, in the UK, Tattler. Tina Brown is a good editor. Each chapter of the book concerns one of the royals. First, I was curious about the current King's affair with Camilla. Nevermind, Diana. My Chinese medicine teacher said her marriage failed because her husband had a big nose and she had a small mouth. They were not sexually compatible. I remembered Andrew as the pedophile friend of Jeffrey Epstein. He marched with his brother, the King, and his sister Anne behind the queen's coffin. I thought I would return the book and then the Queen died. Who are these people? I asked. O yes, there's Harry and his wife Meghan, with some colored blood, which caused consternation among the royals, and Harry's brother, William, the next in line for the crown. I expect a few former colonies to separate in the coming days.

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Thank you for this!! The Queen's coffin was draped in the Royal Standard flag that has four quarters representing England, Scotland, and Ireland, and is never at half-staff as the "Union Jack" can be, as the UK is never without a King or Queen. The Queen's seven car cortege at first travelled through the Scottish Highlands and extended from Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh and then Buckingham Place and Westminster Hall for a state funeral .............with flowers and well wishers all along the way. Amazing!!!!

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Thank you for posting this.

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Thank you Ruth for your keynote and representing sanity with others at the global Festival of Dangerous Ideas. It's a good title -- enough to wake people up to what we need to swim against the tide for -- protecting life & democracy.

Thank you Bill for the perspective and reflection on Queen Elizabeth's passing and the road ahead. With all the upheaval of the past few years, DJT's attempt to unweave society, Covid pandemic & its revolt, J6, nuclear secrets, the last thing you'd think would happen is to lose the Queen, who in a way was a psychological anchor to the globe, by her mere # of years. It's really like a deck of cards thrown up into the air. So we start over. I agree the English monarchy will continue with symbolism and its contribution of pragmatism. I am not well-studied in history, but I'll say this, I don't remember the English ever having out conflict to retain lands, although I'm sure the imperialist nature was not complimentary to life. It seems to be a good lesson in letting go.

It's almost as if we have a blank canvas to rethink the universe -- if we can squash out the fascist fire.

'May the hero born of woman crush the serpent with his heal.' -- Julia Howe, Battle Hymn of the Republic, quotes this Christian who staunchly believes in the richness of separation of church & state.

Thank you for your depth of perspective today.

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I recently wrote a rant to a newspaper that shall remain anonymous; though I don’t expect my letter to be published. I crossed the line …

Here follows an extract of my letter:

“Why did the English royalty merit front page coverage …?

We face multiple existential crises, including but not limited to the threat to our democracy posed by the rise of fascism and White domestic terrorism led by the Republican Party; the surging pandemic(s); the climate emergencies and the Sixth Mass Extinction. The Royal family serves as another unwelcome distraction.

Distractions keeps us entertained and unable or unwilling to resolve issues that threaten our existence …”

Robert Leyland Monefeldt

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[I apologize for not adequately knowing the sequence of steps for posting comments on Lucid -- but the following is related to some discussion points of Anne Nelson and gerrymandering]

The continuing saga of gerrymandering in Ohio:

A colleague and I are both commuting from our Toledo areas to our university that is in a different congressional district from Marcy Kaptur (D-OH9th) now and will be in 2023 as well!!! However, we both just this week received letters from Marcy Kaptur indicating that we will be in her 9th Congressional District in 2023 – WooHoo, okay -- but who are we voting for now on Nov 8th 2022 and who is the Republican opponent we will be campaigning against (different in each case)?? Thus, Ohio is not only ridden with gerrymandering itself, but also lawsuits, disinformation, and confusion that is ”moving citizens in the direction of better representation, hopefully” but is indeed another type of “voter suppression” present for the voters in Ohio still!

**On Nov 8th 2022 I’m voting in the 5th Congressional District (I think).

**On Jan 1st 2023 I will be in the 9th Congressional District (I think).

Now who are the Republican candidates in the 5th and 9th Congressional District races?:

Bob Latta (Republican Ohio 5th Congressional District is running against Craig Swartz (Democrat)) and I thought I previously posted the specifics of Bob Latta's 2022 horrible Congressional voting record (against CHIPS, against Inflation Reduction Act (Climate), against limiting assault weapons) and a Democracy Rating of (F -- poor rating) but I can't locate it at the moment.

J. R. Majewski (Republican candidate running against Marcy Kaptur in the 9th Congressional District):

**Air Force veteran who turned his yard into a lawn painted campaign sign for Trump in 2020.

**Wants to model himself after Congressional Rep. Jim Jordan – what?

**Looks up to Ronald Reagan.

**When asked, JR Majewski said he was at the US Capital on Jan 6, 2021 because

he has the right to be there and also took veterans there to support [Trump] at this “Stop the

Steal” rally as he describes it.

I am a grassroots supporter of Congressional Rep. Tim Ryan (Democrat) who is running against J. D. Vance (Trump is supporting him). Congressional Rep. Tim Ryan helped get the CHIPS Act and Inflation Reduction Act (Climate) signed into law that will bring back thousands of manufacturing jobs to Ohio, lower prescription drug costs for senior citizens on Medicare, and fight climate change!

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