Jul 5, 2023

Welcome to the Lucid Support page. Here you will find answers to common questions about communications, subscriptions, Q&As and more.

Please note that the Lucid team does not set payment and subscription policies: that is done by Substack and the Stripe payment portal.

Here is Substack’s own FAQ for subscribers.

To contact the general Substack support team:

To contact Ruth Ben-Ghiat and the Lucid team:


Q: I signed up for the monthly rate and instead I was charged for the yearly rate.

A: Here is how to change your subscription from yearly to monthly and vice versa.

Q: I signed up and then discovered that my subscription will auto-renew.

A: The Substack model is that monthly and annual subscriptions all auto-renew. That is not something that we at Lucid can change.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A; Here are the steps to do that. Or, write to the Lucid team at and we can cancel it for you with a pro-rated refund.

Q: My subscription did not renew. What happened?

A: Many renewals fail due to expired credit cards. Please keep your payment information current on your account. Here are instructions on how to update your credit card information.

Q: How do I upgrade from a free to a paid subscriber?

A: Click here for instructions on how to do that, or use this link.

Q: How do I give a Lucid gift subscription?

A: You can use the link below to gift Lucid.

Give a gift subscription

Emails and Communications

Q: I signed up for Lucid but am not receiving mailings.

A: Click here to correct that. You also may have accidentally disabled your email on your general Substack account. Click here to learn how to re-enable your email communications.

Q: How do I change my email address?

Click here for instructions.

Lucid Q&As

Q: I am a paying subscriber and registered for the Zoom Q&A but did not receive a link to join.

A: Please check your spam and promotions folders. The join link often goes there. If it’s not there, please try and register again. Many people find that the second time works.

Q: Why aren’t the Q&As recorded and made available to all paying subscribers?

A: In order to keep the Q&As a safe and supportive space for the free exchange of ideas, I decided not to record them. Everyone who attends is welcome to download the chat at the end of the Q&A.

In the future there will be Lucid webinars with guests. Paying subscribers will be able to submit questions in advance but not during the session, and participants’ identities are not revealed. Those webinars will be recorded and posted for all paying subscribers.